About Us

Our Mission

MarGrady Research helps educational leaders make better decisions to improve the lives of students. We do this through rigorous analysis of data, clear and insightful presentation of results, and the development of lasting partnerships with the school districts and education organizations we work with.

Our History

MarGrady Research was founded by Jesse Margolis (an economist) and Shannon O’Grady (a high school English teacher). In founding MarGrady, Jesse’s goal was to apply what he learned over 15 years as a business consultant, school district manager, and academic researcher to improving the lives of students. Shannon’s goal was to make sure they didn’t lose sight of what matters most: the interactions between teachers and students in classrooms and schools. Together, they try to bridge the gap between central office policy decisions and the practical reality of classroom teaching.

MarGrady Research combines the analytical rigor of academia with the client service of a top consulting firm to address socially important issues in public education.

Our Partners

Consultants at MarGrady Research have worked with school districts, foundations, and education organizations on a range of projects involving data analysis, policy research, and strategic advice. Some of our partners have included: