MarGrady Research helps education leaders make better decisions to improve the lives of students. We do this through rigorous analysis of data, clear and insightful presentation of results, and the development of lasting partnerships with the school districts, foundations, and other education organizations we work with.


MarGrady Research provides a range of services to schools, districts, and other organizations dedicated to improving public education, including:

School Performance Frameworks

We work collaboratively with districts to design and implement performance frameworks based on multiple quantitative and qualitative criteria that can be used to evaluate and improve schools.

Policy and Program Evaluation

We help districts and foundations design and implement rigorous quantitative evaluations of new policies and programs. These evaluations include both Randomized Controlled Trials, where possible, and other quasi-experimental methods.


We design and build customized dashboards that help schools and districts monitor their performance. These dashboards combine publicly available data from the federal and state education departments with up-to-date administrative data from school districts.

Financial Analysis

We support school districts in developing annual budgets, benchmarking expenses against other districts, and identifying cost-saving initiatives that can move resources to the classroom.

Data Strategy

We help our clients develop a data strategy that works for them. This includes the collection of raw data, the storage and documentation of data, and the development of processes for maintaining and using data to support their mission.

Analytical Support

We supplement districts’ analytical capacity for complex and/or quick turnaround projects. If it involves analyzing data and helping students, we’re interested!